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Bitcoin Privacy and Blockchain Analysis

Originally published at: One of the most exciting aspects of Bitcoin as a decentralized, trustless and censorship-resistant sound money is the fact that you can control your own wealth without any 3rd party intermediaries Read more…

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How to identify a scam ICO

Originally published at: How to identify a scam ICO With so many scams, charlatans, and con artists in cryptocurrency, it often feels daunting for newcomers to the space to differentiate between the legitimate and scam Read more…

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10 Largest ICO Scams

Originally published at: 10 Largest ICO Scams ICOs have been the most controversial thing to hit the finance world since Bitcoin. Love them or hate them, ICOs are here to stay. They have been the hottest Read more…

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Best Cryptocurrency Lending Platforms

Originally published at: Today’s focus will be aimed at cryptocurrency lending platforms. Several high profile cryptocurrency lending platforms like BitConnect and USI Tech have collapsed as nothing more than blatant Ponzi schemes, a scam which basically pays Read more…

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The Best Decentralized Exchanges

Originally published at: Complete List of Decentralized Exchanges Decentralized exchanges (DEX) for cryptocurrency traders have been called the future of crypto. This is for good reason, as they have several benefits, the most important of Read more…